8/13/12 at Yankee Stadium (TEX @ NYY)

For some reason, it was ridiculously crowded at Yankee Stadium today. Gate 6 was a swarm, so I headed over to Gate 8 (CF Bleachers) and it wasn’t as bad. Have a look:

Once I got in, I decided (for some reason) to try my luck with Hiroki Kuroda again…
Image… and once again he was misunderstanding me. Finally, he was over by the warning track, so I asked him in Japanese. He chuckled, and half-heartedly tossed it in my direction… and sailed it completely. I then tried to get a ball from new Yankee Derek Lowe and Phil Hughes…
Image…but to no avail. There was a decent amount of balls in the bullpen, and realized that would probably be my only chance at getting a ball and extending my streak:
Next, Texas came out. They ignored most of the fans. There was a translator talking to Kuroda and Yu Darvish, so I thought I’d be witty and ask him in Japanese. He must have taken offense to it since he said “I guess thats for me?” and chucked it back to the bucket. Whatever. Since the time came where the lovely security kicked everyone out of the seats, I headed up here:
ImageBut a security guard went into the bullpen and threw away all the balls. Meanwhile, Josh Hamilton was busy reaching the third deck with relative ease. He’s such a great hitter. I later saw on twitter this interesting stat:
Moving on, there were a few home runs that came close to me, but nothing crazy. I decided to try my luck over in the left field bullpen area, where there were eleven balls to be had:
I got a groundskeeper to toss one up to me. I then headed up to the center field area to try the “Harkey”:
ImageBut came up empty.
During the game, I stayed in Center Field. I saw this amazing stat:
ImageConsidering he had some down time this season, thats some freakin’ great stats.
Also, someone managed to snag this:
ImageIt was a grand slam. And no, I didn’t catch it. Later, I checked out Lowe warming up for the first time as a Yankee:
ImageAt the end of the game, I found myself here:
ImageLooking at this:
Image…and got ignored by everyone. Yankee Stadium sucks sometimes. Lowe pitched a 4 inning save, Yankees 8 Texas 2. Back at it Friday vs. Boston in my hunt for a commemorative. Stay tuned!Image
  • 1 ball at this game.
  • 60 career balls
  • 6 games in a row at Yankee with a ball
  • 9 straight MLB games with a ball
  • Yankees record when I attend – 33-21 (7-3 this season)
  • Texas record when I attend – 0-2 (0-1 this season)


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