Looking back: 7/15/08 at Old Yankee Stadium (2008 MLB All-Star Game)

To save you time explaining, I had managed to get a quick job working in some capacity at Yankee Stadium for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game. Did I actually work? Well…

Here was a picture from the night before after the Home Run Derby:

ImageIt was absolutely awesome to be the ONLY person in the seating bowl of historic Yankee Stadium. I just stood there and looked around for a few minutes and soaked in the silence, knowing I would never be able to do something like that ever again. It was very surreal. Now that I think of it, I should have walked around and explored more and tested how far I could go. Oh well.

I actually had to work the night of the Home Run Derby, so when someone came up to me and told me Josh Hamilton hit 28 home runs in one round, I had assumed he was hammered. But yes, he did. And I was pissed I missed it. The next day, I told myself I wasn’t going to miss anything. Not for a lifetime opportunity like this. I got to Yankee Stadium and took a picture of “the bat”:

ImageI arrived early and saw this:

ImageSweet. And here’s a cheesy photo of me proving I was there:

ImageAnd just like the night before, a completely empty Yankee Stadium:

ImageHow awesome is that? All the white stuff you see on the seats were commemorative seat cushions for the game (And yes, I snagged one):

ImageAnd here is a guy setting up the bullpen gate for what I assumed at the time was some kind of pre-game ceremony:

ImageThen shortly after, players started making their way out for BP:

ImageHere are some pictures I took of some superstars:

ImageImageImageImageImageI personally like that last one of A-Rod, Guillen, and Jeter. I couldn’t go down to field level for BP. At least I thought at the time. I should’ve went down now that I think about it to try and get a ball. Oh well. Here’s another view of BP:

ImageThe seats were starting to fill up:

ImageBut enough of that. Shortly before the game started, I ran into long-time Yankee and MLB Network analyst Jeff Nelson:

ImageAnd then HR! Harold Reynolds!

ImageHe was one of the coolest guy I’ve met. The whole time during the introductions, I was standing right next to him. He was like a kid in a candy shop when the names were being called (if you don’t recall the ceremony, every living Hall of Fame player was introduced). It was pretty cool to see a guy appreciate the game so much. Just look at him, got the cracker jacks and everything. Dudes a gamer. Here was some of the ceremony:

ImageAnd the national anthem:

ImageFast forward a bit. I decided to “disappear” into the shadows around the fifth inning, and found myself here:

ImageOhhhh yes. A few innings later, I took this *awesome* picture that I used for a wallpaper for about a year:

ImageAnd here’s Grady Sizemore connecting on a pitch:

ImageIf you’ll recall, the game went until the 15th inning when Michael Young hit a walk-off sac fly. So I got to watch about 10 innings of the game. Pretty awesome I’d say. I’ll trade a BP ball for that any day. I even got to keep these name-tag things with the All-Star game logo on it:

ImageAnd that’s all for now. Let me know what you think!


  1. Connor

    Do any lemons go into it? I’ve wondered that before about ballpark lemonade. And I met Harold Reynolds at the WBC last week and I have to agree, he was really cool.

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