5/7/13 at Citi Field (CWS @ NYM)

I got to Citi Field early Tuesday, and as I went to pick up my ticket, I was disappointed to see this:


WTF, Mets? Instead of getting on line, I had to wait here:

Image and after what seemed like an hour, I finally got my ticket, and got in line. What was encouraging was that there were no other ballhawks in sight. The competition might not be so bad tonight. After running out to left field, the action was kind of…well… dead. After about 15 minutes though, I got reliever Scott Rice to toss me ball #1 on the day:

ImageI then ran over to center field, and tried to get a few toss ups from Dave Racaniello and Terry Collins, but to no avail:

Image and after a few minutes, the Mets were done. When the White Sox came out, I headed down to this area because they were tossing:

ImageAfter getting nothing there, I ran around to the right field corner since the White Sox were hitting in that direction:

Image See #62? That’s Jose Quintana, and he threw me my 2nd ball of the day. I rounded the bend and hit left field, but the players weren’t throwing anything up much, and the hitters were doing a lot of bunting and slap hitting drills:

ImageOn my way to the White Sox dugout, something caught my eye:

Image That was my 3rd ball of the day, and my 1st Easter egg. It was weird finding it this late into BP (The Sox took away the cages early and were practicing infield drills). Then, I noticed this on the scoreboard (even though I knew this beforehand): ImagePretty cool. I killed some time on my phone until the players came out for pregame tossing: Image … and was pretty much uncontested and got Jeff Keppinger to toss me ball #4 on the night. Here was my “seat” for the night:

Image Matt Harvey was pitching, but to be honest, I was wiped out. I’ve been really tired from grad school finals week, plus I had to pick my grandma up in the Bronx. So, for the 1st time in a very long time, I left a game early. I knew I’d regret it, too. Harvey went 9 innings, and struck out twelve while only giving up one hit. I should’ve stayed. I stayed for one inning to try and get a gamer, which I was also uncontested, so I know that if I stayed all night I would’ve gotten one. Oh well. I’ll be back there Sunday vs. Pittsburgh.I took one last photo outside with my haul for the night: Image

And then I grabbed some delicious Bronx pizza, my grandma, and then I headed home.


  • 4 balls at this game
  • 10 balls this season
  • 91 career balls
  • 20 straight MLB games with a ball

I also blacklighted these balls, and only one had a stamp that was visible. The other 3 were decently worn. Check it out:


I’ll be at Citi Sunday. Are you going? Let me know, come say hi to me.


  1. bdweingarten

    Where are you sitting on Sunday? I’m going with my Mom for Mother’s day, I have Caesar’s Club Level seats. I’ll try to be there when the gates open as I’m getting to NYC on Megabus by 10:15. You never know with Megabus though.

    I’ll try to catch up with you if I’m not with my Mom during BP, because you know how mom’s are. She probably wouldn’t want me to be meeting with others over twitter.

      • bdweingarten

        I gotcha. If I see you in BP I’ll definitely say hi. I’ll try to convince my mom that I’ll run around a lot, then and she might want to go to one of the Clubs.

        I usually go to Left Field. Even with the Mets and Pirates both having lefty power, it’s so hard to get a ball in right field, I learned on Opening Day. There’s so little seating put in one corner and even then they have to squeeze it under the Pepsi Porch. I would only go for toss-ups over there.

        I believe there will be BP as the Nats took BP on April 21st when I was there, but Harrison tweeted that they might not. I still think/hope there will be though.

      • bdweingarten

        That’s what I was saying. I have a two-game streak, both having one ball, one a foul ball (Buck) and another a BP Homer (Ian Desmond.) Those were my first two balls, I’m just starting out.

      • bdweingarten

        Impressive, hopefully you can keep that going. I lost my phone so instead of tweeting me you’ll just have to try to find the blonde kid with an orange brim hat.

      • bdweingarten

        I’ll definitely look for you lol. I’m usually decked out in Mets stuff though and will probably be in LF.

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