6/21/13 at Dutchess Stadium (SI @ HV)

It was my first Renegades game of the season, and it was their home opener. They are defending their championship from last year, and they have a 4-0 start to the season, so I was pretty excited to get there. Of course for some reason, this was my view for an HOUR for what is normally a 15 minute drive from my house to the stadium: pic 1 Therefore, I subsequently missed about an hour of BP and got there when the gates opened. I was not pleased: 20130621_164605 Eventually though, I did get there: 101_0496 Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. I decided to try a trick I read about during the offseason, so I continued past  the front gates around to the side of the stadium: 101_0497 And a little further: 101_0498 …just a little more, until I got here: 101_0499 Since it was the home opener, I wasn’t expecting to find many home runs to be lying around. The Yankees were still hitting, so I made sure to keep my hears open in case a ball sailed over the wall. It was a bit dangerous because you can’t see whats coming. See what I mean? 101_0500 So you pretty much have about a second to look and react if one’s coming over the wall. Nothing did, though, so I kept searching the grass for a bit. Someone had to have hit at least one out today. Eventually, I found this guy: 101_0501 Sweet. I also grabbed a shot of the scoreboard from where I was: 101_0502 It would have been cool if they threw that logo on the game balls for tonight. Then I took another artistic shot of my first MiLB ball of the year: 101_0504Behind center field they were setting up for the post-game fireworks, so I didn’t want to interfere with that. Next time I’m looking forward to making the full loop around and check it out. I went inside, not before being told I couldn’t bring my drawstring bag into the park. It was considered a backpack, and even though I only had a glove in it, given the recent Boston events I wasn’t allowed to bring it inside. Stupid rule. So next time I’ll bring a big ugly shopping bag that takes up twice the space. I did a quick check for Easter eggs, and went over to the area behind the Yankee dugout: 101_0505 A few minutes later, I got a player I couldn’t recognize to toss me my second ball of the day. I hung out for a bit more, until the game started. I was trying for a 3rd out ball in case there was a commemorative logo on the balls: 20130621_194910

After a few innings, I decided I had enough and went to hang out with some friends. I was also supposed to do a between-innings game on the dugout after the 5th inning, but the intern working there made a mistake but promised me I’d get a game in on Monday when I go. So that’s cool. The Renegades went on to go 5-0: final

What was even cooler is that somehow after the game, we got to meet NBA player Deandre Jordan. He plays for the LA ClippersdeandreHow awesome is that? Turns out his brother Cory plays for the Renegades so we introduced ourselves to him, as well. Good times. After that, the fireworks were about to begin: 20130621_212306

And then we hung out in the parking lot for the traffic to dwindle down. Good times.


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