7/2/13 at Dutchess Stadium (ABD @ HV)

I initially wasn’t going to go to this game. I had gotten the tickets for free for starters due to the long rain delay in my last post, plus it was raining all night and day leading up to the game. I decided to go anyway, and headed to the usual spot: Image Not much action there. Neither the Renegades or IronBirds were taking BP, so it came down to looking for homers in the woods if I wanted to keep my streak alive. I wound up finding 2 baseballs in about 15 minutes (and 100 thorn wounds later), both of which were very water logged: Image I made sure to keep those separate because I didn’t want them to smell. I went inside and hung out until the IronBirds came out to toss: Image I joked around with a few of them and later got Trey Mancini to toss me my 3rd ball of the day. This also caught my eye: Image :::Drools:::

The equipment manager quickly snagged those up, and the game started. During the game, Trey Mancini (the guy who tossed me the ball) hit a homer into the woods in left field. I immediately got up and ran out to the area where he hit it. On the way, a few of the bullpen pitchers for Aberdeen whistled at me and got my attention and said they’d trade me a different ball for his home run, since it was his 1st career dinger. I was extra motivated now to find it. There was this other man who retrieves home runs there for about 7 years now who made his way out there and proceeded to find it in like 2 minutes. He was also a bit arrogant, which I didn’t like. I would’ve had it, but I made the mistake of not watching where the home run landed and just running over there because I was excited. Next time I’m getting the home run.

As we headed in, 2 batters later, Jeff Kemp hit another home run to left field. Without seeing where he hit it (because I couldn’t), I ran back to the woods, and wouldn’t you know it… the same guy got that one too. $$%$&*@#@%$ !

I did however, snag this: Image… and handed it to the nearest kid. Another sidebar: the first three Renegades games I’ve been to now this season, I’ve befriended one of the “Fun Team” members. These people run the in between inning games and promotions. Every game so far he promised me I’d do the best contest prize wise with a friend. And every time, it’s been cancelled for some reason. He signed me up again today, and wouldn’t you know it… it got cancelled again. They did hook us  up with some hats and free tickets though: Image Towards the end of the game, I headed over here for an umpire/3rd out ball: Image …but came up short. I almost got a bat, as well, but missed out. Final score:



  • 3 balls at this game (another MLB’er in there again!)
  • 113 career balls
  • 3 straight MiLB games with a  ball

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