7/11/13 at Dutchess Stadium (JAM @ HV)

It’s funny how things work sometimes. I was really on the fence about going to this game. The night before, I decided I was too tired to go so I stayed home. Also, for some reason a Yankees game vs. Kansas City was way more expensive than it should’ve been, given the talent being put on the field that night. Same thing for tonight’s game. The Yankees had a day game after a night game, so there’d *likely* be no BP there. So last second, I decided to go to the Renegades game vs. Jamestown. I’d never seen the Jammers before, so I figured why not.

By the way, the Jammers have quite possibly the worst logo in professional sports today. Check it out: Image

…are you kidding me? So ugly. Anyway, I got to the stadium decently early. It was replica home jersey night, so the crowd would fill up fast, at least for a minor league game. When I got around to left field, I was pleased to finally see a team out taking batting practice at the Dutch: Image I figured I’d ask the players for a ball later. I wanted to check the woods for any Easter eggs, plus the off chance that someone actually hit one out while I was there. I headed over a little to the left into the woods. As I was walking, I happened to check the support beam for the scoreboard: ImageWell, that was easy. But wait, there’s more! I headed into the woods a few more feet and found these two: Image That was even easier. I found a few more… by a few I mean 4 more. This put me to 7 on the day. I already broke my personal record of 6. You might be saying, “yeah but you had it so easy.” Not quite the case. If you ever ballhawk at a Minor League game, you’ll know that it almost is more difficult than a Major League game. There’s less space to move, less accessibility, and easier ways to be recognized. I usually have a tough time at Dutchess Stadium, so I was relishing this opportunity to really do some damage. I quit searching in the thorn-ridden woods (my legs learned a lesson from last time),  and took in some BP. As luck would have it, someone on Jamestown sliced one down the line. It rolled right out of the stadium into my hands for my 8th ball of the day. One of the players actually asked me if I could give it back to him, which I thought was weird. So I did. Personally, I count this as a snag. But at the end of the day, I don’t officially “count” it in my career totals. I number every baseball I get, and since I threw this one back, I can’t number it and there will always be a missing ball for that number in my collection. Catch where I’m going here? What would you do? Throw it back? Keep it and run away? Count it and skip one? A few minutes later, Elvis Escobar (no way that’s his real name) fielded a liner: Image …and I clapped my hands and he tossed it to me for my 9th ball of the day. I decided enough was enough when a random employee came over and told me I couldn’t stand there, even though that guy I’ve previously mentioned (7 year season ticket holder) always rummages back there for balls, that I headed inside, picked up my replica jersey (which seems to get cheaper every year) and headed over here for the remainder of BP: Image and later got Jeff Roy to throw me my 10th ball of the day. As you can see, even though the Jammers have those lovely green and purple shades for team colors, they are wearing Pirates apparel since they are a Pirates affiliate. Makes sense. I thought it’d be cool to get the warm-up ball from the pitcher, so I headed over to the Renegades side of the field which I haven’t done much this year. This year’s squad doesn’t seem too friendly.Last year’s bunch were very friendly and fan oriented. I built a loose relationship with a few of them, and a few of them even Facebook friended me. Here is where they were: Image The pitcher on the left is Austin Pruitt, and the catcher on the right is Omar Narvaez. Neither of them threw the ball to me. I went back over to the Jammers side of the field: Image but nothing much was going on over there either. I feel like I got my luck out of the way early in the day. Eventually, the game started, and I positioned myself here for a game ball: Image but I didn’t have any luck there either. The catcher for Jamestown seemed like he didn’t speak much English, and in the few innings that ended in strikeouts, he ran straight into the dugout.

If you’ll recall, I had poor luck recently concerning playing on the on-field games. Not today, though. I finally made it on the field for a game: Image

The object of the game was to play the popular game, “cornhole,” but on a larger scale. This was using pillows. I apparently was “on fire” according to the PA announcer, and “thumped” the opposing player 15-7 and won a lovely duffel bag which I am using right now.

I also played foul balls outside for a little as well. The idea is to watch them as they go out here from the bleachers: Image …so you can see where or what car the ball lands on or rolls under. Of course, none were hit on this side, so I headed down to the 1st base area to watch a late Renegades rally fall short. I DID, however, get umpire Matt Winters to toss me a perfect, no smudge, mud rubbed ball to make it 11 on the day and close the night out: Image

Final score:


  • 11 balls at this game (Kept and officially counted 10)
  • 127 career balls
  • 4 straight MiLB games with a ball

Also if you notice, another three MLB balls made it into Single-A ball.

As I finish this post, I’m sitting in a Starbucks outside of Lowell, MA. Mateo Fischer is sleeping in my car. Why you ask? Check back for my next post and find out!


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