7/19/13 at Citi Field (PHI @ NYM)

It was the beginning of the 2nd half of the season, and I was here: Image I’ve realized that I’ve been to Yankee Stadium ONCE so far this season. Maybe it’s for the better. They suck, and are still expensive to see. The lines were also crazy, but I was early: Image

The sole purpose of this game was for All-Star Game leftovers. It was a long shot, but if there was any game the Mets would be using them, it’d be the 1st night back from All-Star break. For starters, it was a Friday. Second, Nas was performing a post game show after the game. So it was going to be crowded. I made sure to get inside early, and hopefully you can keep up, because the snagging game quick and often early.

I ran inside and decided for some reason to go to right field. Now that I think of it, Ben was there and we agreed that I’d go to right, and he’d go to left. I went to right, like I said, and checked foul territory for easter eggs. I found one quickly near the foul line: Image I scooped that up and headed over to straightaway right, under the Modell’s sign. A minute later, a Mets player I couldn’t identify hit a ground rule double into foul territory, but nobody was there. Usually I’m like “eh, someone’ll get it before me,” but today there was nobody there so I ran quick back to where I was and picked it up for ball No. 2 on the day. Then, I headed back to right field: Image A few minutes later, I got Josh Edgin to toss me my 3rd ball of the day. I decided I had just about milked all Citi Field was good for in right, so I went over to deep left, and at the end of Mets BP, I asked the ballboy to chuck one up to me just to see if he’d acknowledge me. They usually don’t, but he did and tossed me No. 4 on the night: Image Isn’t that a great pic? I was happy about all the snagging, but a little disappointed thet they were regular BP balls. I talked to Ben for a while, and we noticed that the Phillies weren’t coming out for BP: Image Not cool. I wonder what the excuse was. They just had 4 days off. It was too hot? Boo hoo. Anyway, Ben was about to head home, but I decided to stay because why the hell not. I was there. It was then that I decided to look down for some reason, and I couldn’t believe what I saw: Image How could nobody have seen that? Oh well. Ben couldn’t believe it either. Since the Phillies weren’t hitting, I headed over here: Image …and just kind of hung out. My friends were at the game, but they were drinking outside so I couldn’t really leave and join them if I wanted to get back in. Eventually, Darin Ruf came out: Image …and promptly signed one autograph and disappeared. Eventually, it was time for pregame warmups, where Chase Utley was riding a imaginary horse: Image Just kidding, he was stretching. And he also threw me my 6th ball of the game. For some reason, I wanted that ball from him. Maybe because he’s a big name player, I don’t know, but it felt good to get that one. That was about it snagging wise. As for the game:

Image Yeah.

I left before the Nas concert started. I was wiped, and personally, could’ve cared less.


  • 6 balls at this game (Imagine if Philly took BP?!?!? THE POSSIBILITIES.)
  • 139 career balls
  • 29 straight MLB games with a ball.

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