4/19/14 at Citi Field (ATL @ NYM)

So it’s been quite some time since I made a post… I attribute that to being busy with grad school, and mostly being lazy. But, I plan on catching you up to speed (if you’re still there), so here goes:

April 19th I went to Citi Field with Natalie for the Braves/Mets. 

When I ran inside, I got Tom Goodwin to toss me one fairly quick for the 1st of the day: 101_0674



As for BP, it was crowded enough, for an April game with the Braves in town: 101_0678


I also got another ball from Kyle Farnsworth before the Mets ran off. I got shut out during Braves BP, and sat here for the game: 




Mets lost, 7-5. I wish I remembered more. 



  • 2 balls at this game 


    • ch1088

      Yes, that is the goal. I have posts typed up on Word past Ballhawkfest in August. My only thing is lately I’ve been studying for a huge state exam for teaching on January 10th, and I start student teaching January 20th. So, I’m looking to that ten day period in between to be fully caught up. I have about 37 games to post with pictures, and I’m about halfway through. I’m glad people are still looking forward to reading them! In 2015 my goal is to do the writeup the night I get home from the game or the next day, so I don’t fall way behind like in 2014.

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