6/2/14 at Yankee Stadium (SEA @ NYY)

Thanks to grad school, a whole MONTH passed between games. I decided to go to this game last second because for one, it was a Monday night. Two, it was a remake game while Seattle was on the East coast. So… 1 game series, Monday night, I didn’t expect many people.

If I remember correctly, I was here with Zack, so I let him have downstairs and I headed up to the 2nd deck:


One was hit up there (I think by Brett Gardner), but somebody got to the  bounce before I did. On my way up the stairs to go back to left field though, I spotted this:



I headed downstairs to lower right, and caught a Kyle Seager homer that bounced off the façade of the bleachers right to me.

Moving over to left field, not much happened. I moved over to the bullpen because I lucked out and got to watch the King pitch:


I didn’t snag anything else that night. Felix was dealing for the most part, and I wasn’t able to interact with the bullpen. Also, nobody homered towards me.

Final score: Seattle 10, Yankees 2

2 balls at this game (198, 199)

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