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6/24/13 at Dutchess Stadium (BRK @ HV)

On my way to Dutchess Stadium the sky got incredibly dark. I was hoping that the weather would hold off at least for BP, since I took advantage of a special deal the Renegades were having and I had a ticket for a suite for tonight’s game. More on that in a minute. I went around back behind the left field wall, as BP was still going on. Then it proceeded to downpour, thunder, lightning, and hail on me. I took cover under a tree (awesome idea, right?) until the storm passed. I would’ve gotten a shot of the rain coming down (it was impressive), but I didn’t want to risk ruining my camera. After about 10 minutes, the rain passed and I made my way around until I found this guy for ball No. 1 on the night: ImageI continued my way around: ImageWould it kill them to do a little landscaping? Jeez. I found my 2nd home run of the day a little further ahead. Now, the opening night game they were doing post-game fireworks, which were being set up behind the center field wall. I stopped when I got to that point last time, but today there was no fireworks, so I made the full trip around to the right field area: Image(Note the 2012 Champions Flag hung there. Wooot Woot.) I found my 3rd ball of the day there, but it was a weird looking ball. Definitely not a Rawlings ball but perhaps a training ball of some kind. Here it is: ImageI’ll show you a closeup later on. I made it to the right field corner, adjacent to the Renegades clubhouse. Nothing to see here: ImageNothing but a big mud pile, and no baseballs. Now, remember how I mentioned the suite?  Well, yes, I was sitting in a “luxury” suite for tonight’s game. I put luxury in quotation marks because the minor league equivalent of a luxury box is about the equivalent of the Caesar’s Club at Citi Field, except you get free food. Still cool though. The ticket was only 25 bucks, as well. Here’s a shot I snapped as I entered the suite level: ImageAnd here’s the suite itself: ImageNiiice. The most relieving thing of the entire experience was that it was air conditioned. The air was so unbelievably muggy from the thunderstorms that it was pleasant to be in air conditioning. I thought it was pretty nice for 25$. I was waiting for my friend Brian to show up, and from the looks of it, the suite was to ourselves (so far). I spent some time taking photos of the field with the tarp on…which was fine with me because I was inside. Ha HA! I was excited: ImageTired eyes, FTW.

I was reminded of Yankee Stadium (minus the communist-like security) when I was forced to put this on: ImageYet, the game was still delayed. I was curious as to the policy for a rainout if I had a suite ticket on discount. Could I just exchange it for 4 games at 6 bucks a piece for regular seating? Hopefully I wouldn’t have to find out. On my way to the men’s room, I noticed a incredibly large shiny object on this man’s hand. I decided to take a closer look, and: ImageTurns out he was a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals (duh), and he was showing of his bling. How cool is that? The ring was very impressive. The tarp came off finally two hours later… Image

…and to compensate for the wait, the Renegades gave out free tickets for the July 2nd game vs. Aberdeen (which I’m headed out the door to right now). The ‘Gades are awesome.

As for the game:


No bueno. I had plenty of room for foul balls during the game: ImageI narrowly missed out on three foul balls after the 7th inning. But I didn’t get them. I’m so due for a foul ball. I’ll get it soon.


  • 3 balls at this game
  • 110 career balls

It was interesting too, the 2nd ball I got was a Major League Ball. Also, remember that weird ball I was telling you about? Check it out:

ImageThat’s a Wilson A-1030 Ball, used primarily for “High School, Adult Practice and Youth League Play.” How do you think it wound up in there?

9/10/12 at Dutchess Stadium (BRK @ HV SemiFinals Game 3)

This will be a quick post… because from a ballhawking standpoint, nothing really happened for me tonight. The day started off with a bad omen here:

ImageIt was Game 3 of the Semi-Finals. If the Renegades win, they go to the finals. If Brooklyn wins, they go to the finals. Rich and I had to wait for our tickets to show up to the park, and it was nearing first pitch. As each minute passed, I knew my chances at keeping my streak alive got smaller. I then moved down to here for the start of the game:

Image… and nothing. I was getting restless. For one, I was ball-less. and two, this was a elimination game. I headed up to the bleachers, and this was why. Heres the view in front of me:

Imageand to my left:

Image…. Foul. Ball. Heaven. Since it was a school night and 6 p.m.-ish, there was NOBODY there, all things considered for a playoff game. Only problem was, nobody hit any foul balls. At all. You would think maybe one, possibly two, but no. I was still ready in case one sailed over the railing and landed in here:

Image… that’s where the staff park. To the left though, is a smoking area for fans. Normally, during the summer, a ton of little kids hang out here for foul balls, but again – being a school night, there were tumbleweeds drifting by out back. All I would have to do is quick run back and see what car the ball landed by and it was mine.

Of course though, nothing was hit there. I decided to go and stand on the concourse. After one inning, I asked 1st baseman Jayce Boyd for a third out ball. He looked at me, stared, then walked into the dugout.


While I was waiting, I snagged a free bag of peanuts:

ImageHe dropped it on the floor, looked at me and said “Well, I can’t sell these now…” (It’s in plastic, but okay free food) and tossed it to me.

Nothing more really happened snagging wise, and eventually I screamed like crazy when this happened:

ImageThe Renegades won 2-0 on a combined 1-hitter, and will face the Tri-City Valley Cats for the NY-Penn League Championship. Since the Renegades had the best record in the league, Game 1 is in Tri-City tomorrow night, but I am going to Game 2 at the Dutch Thursday night. I am also most likely going to the Nationals-Mets game tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

  • ZERO balls at this game. (DSMFGNLDSFXZ.UGhFDZJSKB!!!!!!)
  • Overall streak snapped, MLB streak still intact.

9/7/12 @ MCU Park (HV @ BRK)

It was a long day on the subways to start:


… (from left to right) I drove down from my house to the Bronx to 242nd Street, caught the A at 168th Street, got the L at 14th Street, got off at Lorimer Street (to meet some friends), got back on the G at Greenpoint Ave, and caught the D to Coney Island and finally wound up here:

ImageI went down to Coney Island to see the Hudson Valley Renegades (my local team) take on the Brooklyn Cyclones in Game 1 of the NY Penn-League Playoffs. It was a last minute decision, but hey… you gotta support the team. If you’ve never been to Coney Island before, it’s actually a lot nicer than it used to be. When you walk in the park, you can look out past left field and see the amusement park:

Image… and past right field you have the famous Parachute Jump, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

You get a nice sea breeze the whole game. Enough of that though, on to the snagging.

I had my eye on this:

Image…. I knew that they’d be stingy with the balls, mainly because the season already ended and they would be low. Then the players started loosening up –

ImageHere was my view to the left and right in case a throw sailed over a player into the seats:


Image… yep. One of the players told me he’d give me a game ball. Fair enough. I didn’t want to be annoying since I was the only person down by the team, so I figured I’d take the patient route. The game finally began:


Image(Interesting sidebar: See the roof in the picture above? How its a wavy line? It’s a tribute to the old Brooklyn Dodgers, who now play in Los Angeles and use the same style roof at Dodger Stadium. Cool, no?)

A few innings passed, and the player who told me he would throw me a ball, quickly threw one up from the dugout as I was checking the Yankees score on my phone. I looked down for about 5 seconds, and that’s all it took for the guy next to me to get it instead of me. It was the same guy who stole a ball from me the last time I was at MCU back in July.


I wouldn’t stay mad long though, as someone on the Cyclones hit a foul toards the Renegades dugout, and I got Taylor Guerreri (#17) to toss me it:


ImageStreak alive. It was also cool to get a ball from Guerreri, who had a 1.04 ERA in 52 innings pitched this season. Hopefully he makes it up to the Rays someday.

Later, I wandered over by the Cyclones bullpen, mainly because of this:

ImageIf a home run was hit there, it would be mine. Literally zero people in the bleachers (I later found out nobody was allowed out there). Then I looked in the bullpen and saw this:

ImageSince you cant see it, the sign says “Toss a quarter in the cup, get a free baseball”. So naturally I tried it. 50 cents poorer, I headed back to right field in hopes of a foul/toss up from the right fielder:


Image… I didn’t see any action, and then the game ended. Renegades 0, Cyclones 4. Not good. I then took the long, loooong subway commute back home and stared at this for the next 2 hours:

ImageCurse you, MTA. Back at it later today for Game 2 at Dutchess Stadium, Rain/Tornadoes or shine.

*UPDATE* They just called the game. It will be Sunday instead.


  • 1 ball at this game
  • 72 career balls