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7/31/13 at Dutchess Stadium (VER @ HV)

So, this will probably be the shortest post I’ll ever write. BP was slow, there was not much action during the game, and I was feeling under the weather for a while and it was catching up with me. I caught all 3 of my balls pregame out in left field, before the game started: 20130731_193228

I sat here during the game with some friends: 20130731_210634


After the game, I asked the umpires, players, and coaches for balls, bats, and a lineup card, and barely missed out on getting a broken bat: 20130731_215957


And there you have it. The shortest post ever. This was also the first game of a 5 day stretch where I’d go on to see 5 games in the 5 days. Baltimore, Philly, and Scranton. Final score:



My other posts will be more exciting, I promise.