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Looking back: 7/15/08 at Old Yankee Stadium (2008 MLB All-Star Game)

To save you time explaining, I had managed to get a quick job working in some capacity at Yankee Stadium for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game. Did I actually work? Well…

Here was a picture from the night before after the Home Run Derby:

ImageIt was absolutely awesome to be the ONLY person in the seating bowl of historic Yankee Stadium. I just stood there and looked around for a few minutes and soaked in the silence, knowing I would never be able to do something like that ever again. It was very surreal. Now that I think of it, I should have walked around and explored more and tested how far I could go. Oh well.

I actually had to work the night of the Home Run Derby, so when someone came up to me and told me Josh Hamilton hit 28 home runs in one round, I had assumed he was hammered. But yes, he did. And I was pissed I missed it. The next day, I told myself I wasn’t going to miss anything. Not for a lifetime opportunity like this. I got to Yankee Stadium and took a picture of “the bat”:

ImageI arrived early and saw this:

ImageSweet. And here’s a cheesy photo of me proving I was there:

ImageAnd just like the night before, a completely empty Yankee Stadium:

ImageHow awesome is that? All the white stuff you see on the seats were commemorative seat cushions for the game (And yes, I snagged one):

ImageAnd here is a guy setting up the bullpen gate for what I assumed at the time was some kind of pre-game ceremony:

ImageThen shortly after, players started making their way out for BP:

ImageHere are some pictures I took of some superstars:

ImageImageImageImageImageI personally like that last one of A-Rod, Guillen, and Jeter. I couldn’t go down to field level for BP. At least I thought at the time. I should’ve went down now that I think about it to try and get a ball. Oh well. Here’s another view of BP:

ImageThe seats were starting to fill up:

ImageBut enough of that. Shortly before the game started, I ran into long-time Yankee and MLB Network analyst Jeff Nelson:

ImageAnd then HR! Harold Reynolds!

ImageHe was one of the coolest guy I’ve met. The whole time during the introductions, I was standing right next to him. He was like a kid in a candy shop when the names were being called (if you don’t recall the ceremony, every living Hall of Fame player was introduced). It was pretty cool to see a guy appreciate the game so much. Just look at him, got the cracker jacks and everything. Dudes a gamer. Here was some of the ceremony:

ImageAnd the national anthem:

ImageFast forward a bit. I decided to “disappear” into the shadows around the fifth inning, and found myself here:

ImageOhhhh yes. A few innings later, I took this *awesome* picture that I used for a wallpaper for about a year:

ImageAnd here’s Grady Sizemore connecting on a pitch:

ImageIf you’ll recall, the game went until the 15th inning when Michael Young hit a walk-off sac fly. So I got to watch about 10 innings of the game. Pretty awesome I’d say. I’ll trade a BP ball for that any day. I even got to keep these name-tag things with the All-Star game logo on it:

ImageAnd that’s all for now. Let me know what you think!

Looking Back: 6/21/08 @ Old Yankee Stadium (CIN @ NYY)

I was looking through some old pictures and was thrilled to find some old pictures of me at the old Yankee Stadium, and coincidentally, this was the last “game” I attended at the stadium (I was at the 2008 All-Star Game, but that is an interesting story for another day in a future post). Also, I’m sure you remember Natalie from earlier posts. This was actually one of our first dates, so that’s exciting as well. I’ll have to give her credit for tagging along with me to baseball games from the get go. It was her first (and last) time at Old Yankee. Believe it or not, I actually tried ballhawking at this game (with no glove). Here we go…

ImageWe entered at the home plate gate, and I saw this:

ImageSo batting practice was a go. Afterwards, we headed to right field…

ImageAnd hung out there for a little while. I knew that this was probably my last time there, so  I tried to savor every moment of it. It was such a historic place, and it was going to be gone forever. I can still remember it now. I took some artistic photos:



Image… and shortly afterwards I laid eyes on this:

ImageOh come on. I had to have it! Of all people, Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey, Jr. was walking over to me. At the the time, I had zero balls snagged in my life. What a name to get your first from, huh? So here he was:

ImageBut for some reason, he was too busy worrying about some kids cap who fell, so in the meantime, Gary Majewski ignored me:

Image… and threw the ball in the other direction.


After BP had ended, I headed up to my seats:

ImageLike I said, I was just enjoying it while I could. Here was a view to my right:

ImageAnd fittingly, the Reds beat Dan Geise (who? I remember. Do you?) and the Yankees 6-0:

Image…at my last game ever. I discreetly scrounged together some pieces of concrete wall from the outside and some infield dirt before they tore it down, so I’ll always have a piece of the REAL Yankee Stadium forever.


  • 0 balls at this game (I was a rookie!)