9/10/12 at Dutchess Stadium (BRK @ HV SemiFinals Game 3)

This will be a quick post… because from a ballhawking standpoint, nothing really happened for me tonight. The day started off with a bad omen here:

ImageIt was Game 3 of the Semi-Finals. If the Renegades win, they go to the finals. If Brooklyn wins, they go to the finals. Rich and I had to wait for our tickets to show up to the park, and it was nearing first pitch. As each minute passed, I knew my chances at keeping my streak alive got smaller. I then moved down to here for the start of the game:

Image… and nothing. I was getting restless. For one, I was ball-less. and two, this was a elimination game. I headed up to the bleachers, and this was why. Heres the view in front of me:

Imageand to my left:

Image…. Foul. Ball. Heaven. Since it was a school night and 6 p.m.-ish, there was NOBODY there, all things considered for a playoff game. Only problem was, nobody hit any foul balls. At all. You would think maybe one, possibly two, but no. I was still ready in case one sailed over the railing and landed in here:

Image… that’s where the staff park. To the left though, is a smoking area for fans. Normally, during the summer, a ton of little kids hang out here for foul balls, but again – being a school night, there were tumbleweeds drifting by out back. All I would have to do is quick run back and see what car the ball landed by and it was mine.

Of course though, nothing was hit there. I decided to go and stand on the concourse. After one inning, I asked 1st baseman Jayce Boyd for a third out ball. He looked at me, stared, then walked into the dugout.


While I was waiting, I snagged a free bag of peanuts:

ImageHe dropped it on the floor, looked at me and said “Well, I can’t sell these now…” (It’s in plastic, but okay free food) and tossed it to me.

Nothing more really happened snagging wise, and eventually I screamed like crazy when this happened:

ImageThe Renegades won 2-0 on a combined 1-hitter, and will face the Tri-City Valley Cats for the NY-Penn League Championship. Since the Renegades had the best record in the league, Game 1 is in Tri-City tomorrow night, but I am going to Game 2 at the Dutch Thursday night. I am also most likely going to the Nationals-Mets game tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

  • ZERO balls at this game. (DSMFGNLDSFXZ.UGhFDZJSKB!!!!!!)
  • Overall streak snapped, MLB streak still intact.

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